Welcome to Darbar Palace!

We are so pleased to be serving the Fargo­ - Moorhead 
community and hope to make heartfelt connections 
by sharing our Indian, Persian,  Nepalese & Pakistani cuisine!


"Darbar" refers to a big house

or palace where people come together. In ancient Persia, it was the court of the king, where people came together to discuss the matters of the state or conduct ceremonies.


For us, our restaurant Darbar Palace

is a place we hope the people of and visiting the Fargo area will come to enjoy the food and conversation that can result from honoring simple, pure ingredients, the diversity of culture, and the openness of hearts.


402 North Broadway  
Fargo, ND 58102  


Open 7 Days/Week
Lunch Buffet    11:00a - 2:30p  
Dinner 4:30p - 9:30p